Why use video?

  • Gain valuable trust through transparency

  • Users will view your cars for longer

  • As a result, sell cars further afield and faster too

  • You can display your video on Autotrader

  • Increase your ad views by up to 17% on Autotrader

  • You can show off the features of your car

  • Increase the size of your reach on platforms such as YouTube

  • 90% of shoppers found video useful in making purchase decisions

  • Great ROI, video with Autovids is great value for money

  • Autovids Video is easy and effective

Providing 3 great Video options for Motor Dealers

Did you know that 75% of car buyers expect to see a video of their next car?

On-Site Training & Support

Our #1 priority is you, the dealer. We believe in Video and can demonstrate that this is THE must-have element for your website. Video if done professionally can increase your reach online. Hendy Group, for example, gets up to 3 times more videos viewed from search results than on their official website. This is all down to Video Search Optimisation, something that Autovids have specialised in for the past 4 years. Bartletts SEAT uses our onsite Autovids pro service. The example is seen here. You can count on us.

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25 to 54 Age Group
Research car buying online
Buyers visit one forecourt
Expect video of the actual car

2  Proven Video Solutions

Autovids offers you 2 ways of making video an integral part of your sales process & online strategy.

Option 1: Autovids

With onsite tuition we provide you with all the latest equipment & tuition you need to shoot, edit and optimise your video content. We will teach you to how to utilise video to reach an entirely new audience. A days training will equip you with skill and knowledge to produce and upload lead generating videos.

Option 2: Autovids PRO.

Complete Video service. We come to you once a week, video all the new stock that has just arrived, edit, optimise, upload and share, leaving your staff free to do what they do best, sell cars… Currently Option 2 is only available in Kent & Sussex


Full support, tutorial videos and online documentation come as standard.

Incredible Features: With Massive SEO benefits

Video is loaded with useful benefits for both you and the buyer. Video appears within Google search pages as an image from the video, this can make a significant difference to the way the viewer acts next….With the AutoVids SEO strategy each video will link to your website and act a an individual advertisement for your business. Viewers will be able to see your latest video and link to your used car pages directly from the video.
The viewer will gain trust from your video, and is far more likely to make the next step of booking a test drive or reserving the car if a video has been viewed.

Taylors Pitstop

Taylors Pitstop TV
Taylors Pitstop, located near Crawley have embraced video as part of their online marketing and sales process. Since using EyeTee / AutoVids they have taken on a new member of staff to deal with imagery and video. After a thorough training session with Alan and watching the Dealer Tutorials available to subscribing dealers Steve is producing some great video for the sales team. Taylors Pitstop are now over 1 year into the video programme

Hendy Group

Hendy Ford TV
Tunbridge Wells Ford was the pilot site for EyeTee /Autovids Video marketing trial. Needless to say the pilot was a success and was soon rolled out across the Lifestyle Group . Hendy have since acquired the business and Hendy have chosen to continue with Autovids. Now into year 4 video is matching views to visits on their very popular website. Most of the video traffic is directly from Organic SEO which is proving to be a very cost effective way of gaining valuable online exposure.

Cuckfield Motor Co

Cuckfield Motor Co TV
Cuckfield Motor Company sell mostly premium and prestige cars, they have been with EyeTee / Autovids since the start and are now religiuosly videoing every car they have up for sale. The customers come from all over the UK, saying that the video gave them the confidence to make the trip, knowing that they had already seen what the car looked like from the video. CMC video traffic is largely as a result of the SEO, each dealer gets a monthly report in the form of an easy to read ‘Infographic’.
Try this search

This search shows 4 results showing on page 1 of Google. Please note that 7/10 of the results on the page EyeTee / Autovids clients videos . Video is findable shortly after being uploaded.

Try this search

Google can show Video with the search results. A prospective buyer is more likely to click on an image than wade through text. Google likes showing relevant video content.

Try this search

Switching to ‘Video ‘ within Google search now shows all results are from Hendy Ford. Google will show local content where applicable. Optimisation is an essential part of a video strategy.

Key features & benefits of AutoVids Automotive Video

  • Full Training, Support & Setup

  • In Video Branding

  • One days training is all it takes

  • Monthly Analytics reporting

  • HD Videos for high quality

  • Your videos shared on social media

  • Each video is SEO’d

  • Every Video links to your website

  • Great feedback guaranteed

  • Music or voice over options

  • YouTube Design Integration

  • Video compliments photos

  • Emailing Video is effective

  • Works on any device

  • Same day upload with Pro

  • Extensive Doc & HD Videos

  • Top Notch Support Service

  • Constant Updates & New Features

  • Your customers want to see video

  • Viewable from Apple TV

  • Added to Facebook

  • Keep buyers on your site for longer

  • Strong SEO Base Built In

  • Pro intro & endings

  • SEO to attract right age group

  • No stills used in videos

  • 75% expect to see video!

So what happens next?

Call or email to arrange a meeting to assess  your current online marketing with a view to increasing sales and online exposure with video.

  • Video creation

  • Channel design

  • Broadband requirements

  • Website & Social media integration

  • Voice over

  • Pricing

  • Start date

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Top 3 reasons to video your used stock


1. Buyers expect to see Video of the car they want to buy

Google says 75% of buyers expect to see a video!

Google says 75% of buyers expect to see a video!


Our proven SEO drives traffic & enquiries

2. Sell more cars by reaching a wider audience with video

3. Show off your cars

Why wait to be asked for a video!

Viewers will spend longer on sites with Video