Welcome To Autovids

With over 30 years experience in the motor trade, as a dealer principal, sole trader and as the founder of the groundbreaking Spidersnet, with a unique insight, and a proven track record of  maximising  online potential in the automotive sector.

Understanding that not all dealers feel confident, or have the resource to do video themselves, hence developing two great solutions.

Solution 1. AutoVids does everything, including embedding the used car video into your vehicle details page, see the example.

Solution 2. AutoVids trains you and sets you up with an optimised  branded video channel and all equipment to video yourselves.

Through both options AutoVids will enable you to fully integrate video into your sales process with ease, and get ahead and stay ahead of your competitors.

A brief history of the founder

2011 to present
Formed after leaving Spidersnet. EyeTee specialises in optimising dealers online potential.
Main areas of expertise are Website design, Photography, Video marketing.
Autovids has been formed as a stand alone product / service that does what it says on the tin!
I founded Spidersnet in 1997 to create websites for Motor dealers, initially a few local dealers at first, then as the word of the internet spread the number of websites we were making grew rapidly. A platform where dealers could upload car details and images with a number plate look up was developed in house. This was ground breaking stuff in the late 90’s, In 2004 Friday-Ad ( Friday Media Group) acquired Spidersnet and I continued to develop the business until 2011.
1995 – 2002
Specialising in Volvo Estates and anything with a tradeable profit I sold far more cars than I should have! The reason for my success was down to my website, this was the start of Spidersnet. I ran the 2 business side by side until I gave up selling cars after 19 years and concentrated on developing and growing Spidersnet.
1983 to 1995
Starting my motor trade career at Stormont Ford in Tunbridge Wells (now Hendy Ford) as a trainee salesman until I was offered a more senior role at Jermyn & Sons Ford in Seaford where I now live. I was promoted to Dealer Principal and left 11 years later to set up Sussex Estate Cars.
I still work with Hendy Ford today.


Enjoying working with Motor Dealers and seeing plans succeed….. 100
Miles London to Brighton off road cycle ride without pushing…. 75
Years in Motor Trade … 32
Seconds to Lap Brands Hatch in… 59
Age cracking Mono-Skiing… 41

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