Today, a typical visit to Bartletts SEAT in Hastings, we spent 1 hour filming 9 new pieces of stock for the website and YouTube channel. We always aim to have whatever has been shot that day, edited and uploaded to the dealer’s YouTube channel and on the dealer’s website.

The video gives the prospective buyer a complete walk around the outside of the car, a birds eye view over the top of the car, an immersive view of the inside from several viewpoints and finally a drive off.
Once the videos are uploaded YouTube we then select one of the videos and upload it to the dealer’s Facebook page and link the video back to the site. All videos are fully optimised for SEO which provides in most dealers cases more video views organically the from their own website. Video can be a very powerful sales aid if done correctly. We have been at the forefront of ‘Automotive Video’ since 2011.


Screen grabs of the process and end results

  • An example of the 'Hero Shot' used in your YouTube video gallery.